Doxa Polis

Previously on Doxa Polis

Sessions 1 and 2

Session 1
GM: Ahmed
Party: Igor The Pious (Abdullah), Finger Twinkle (Sami), Xeno-Uri (Omar)

The party witnessed the burning of the central city Doxa Polis by a horde of monsters. Time Watchers intervened and pulled them back in time. They put them on a path that lead to stopping a disturbed sorcerer who was conjuring the army of monsters.
Along the way they met and saved ifrits, dwarves, and humans.

Session 2
GM: Omar
Party: Igor The Pious (Abdullah), Fenfrail (Ahmed), Lothar (sami)

Two of the previous party are not present. Only Igor remains.
The new party is formed in odd circumstances. And by a ritual, they join the Time Watchers.
The party learns that the attack on Doxa Polis wasn’t an isolated incident. The party learns of a prophecy that warns them of a Crone. It leads them to board a ship heading south at Igor’s hometown.



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